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Common questions and answers about our programs



How do I apply to Living Lightly programs?

You can apply by going to our "Plans" page. Just let us know what plan you are interested in, or if you would like to create a custom plan.

What type of training programs are available?

We have 3 of our best fitness plans to offer you. However, if none of these plans seem to be a good fit, we would love to set up a consultation and discuss a customized plan for you.

How much does each training program cost?

Each plan has its own cost. The Standard is $20 per month. The 1-On-1 Session is $35 per session. The All-In is $100 a month. Custom plans will be priced based upon what is included, and a quote will be provided upon request.

What if I am not satisfied with Living Lightly?

I you aren't satisfied with your results within the first 7 days, you can cancel any monthly plan without ever paying a penny. For custom 1-On-1 plans, just email us and we can work out a refund option.


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